Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Seasons: Francisco Cordero - 2004.

Those A's just won't go away. They sneaked in and grabbed another win last night 1-0 in Arlington. Time to get back to T.R. Sullivan's list of the Fifty Best Seasons in Rangers history.

Number 24 on the list is Franciso Cordero's 2004 effort. Cordero, shown here on card number 14 of the 2004 MLB Showdown Pennant Run set, was the Texas closer that season. Closers are supposed to be good but Cordero bordered on other-worldly.

In 67 appearances and 71.2 innings pitched Francisco compiled a 2.13 ERA and a 1.284 WHIP. Those numbers are good but it was the 79 strikeouts and 49 saves that really sparkle. Better than a strikeout an inning.

The saves were even more impressive. They still stand as the team record. That's noteworthy. What's even more so is that the 2004 Rangers won 89 games. That means Francisco Cordero saved more than half of the team wins. Francisco did blow five save chances that year but his save percentage was still 91%. Can you imagine if he had been able to convert another chance or two?

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