Saturday, May 18, 2013

Senators Saturday - Joe McClain, 1963.

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Things got hectic on the family and job fronts and time ran out. Too bad to since Texas won several this week. Not last night though, a loss to the Tigers. Time for a Senators break.

Following his dismal 1962 season it was a minor miracle that Joe McClain appeared on card number 311 of the Topps set. Perhaps because they couldn't find Joe, Topps used the same picture on this card as the year before.

McClain might have been hard to find in 1963. He was certainly no longer on the Senators radar, or even in their organization. I wasn't able to find out how it occurred, but he ended up in the Yankees farm system playing for the Triple A Richmond Virginians.

The change of scenery wasn't enough to revive Joe's career. After just ten innings his season ended. That old minor league injury caught up with him at last.

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