Monday, August 16, 2010

Minor League Monday - Dave Rucker, 1987 ProCards.

Dave Rucker, shown here on card number 159 of the 1987 ProCards set, spent all or part of seven seasons in the Majors between 1981 and 1988. The only year in that time that he didn't show up in the Bigs was 1987. That year he played for Oklahoma City.

In November of 1986 Dave was released by the Phillies. Texas signed him as a free agent in December of that same year. He would spend 1987 at Triple A.

Rucker appeared in 53 games for the Eighty-Niners. 50 of those appearances were in relief. Dave finished 14 games and notched 5 saves. He also posted a 4.25 ERA in 65.2 innings pitched. Part of that ERA was attributable to the seven home runs he coughed up. He would strike out 37 while walking 41. One of those walks was intentional but there still seems to have been a control problem.

Dave's overall numbers with OKC just weren't that impressive. Even being in a system not known for its pitching and throwing left-handed couldn't get Dave a call to the parent club. At the end of the season he would again be a free agent. This time the Rangers would take a pass on him.

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