Monday, August 9, 2010

Minor League Monday - Frank Pastore, 1987 ProCards.

So I am in class all week this week and have to drive quite a bit further than normal each day so my time will be limited on the blogging front until Saturday. As such I have scheduled this week's posts ahead of time. That means that I might miss posting on something going on with the Rangers. I will try and respond to any comments that need to be responded to and ask that you bear with me. Thanks.

Ok, on to today's minor league card. Today we see Frank Pastore on card number 136 of the 1987 ProCards set. Frank's time with the Rangers' organization is pretty much summed up by this one card. The Rangers signed Pastore as a free agent in February of 1987. He played one season with Oklahoma City. That one season would be his last in pro ball.

By the time Texas signed Frank he was on his way out. After seven seasons with the Cincinnatti Reds the team released him in April of 1986. The Twins took a chance on him and signed him to a one year deal for the 1986 season. By 1987 he was in the minors and attempting a comeback at age 29.

The comeback didn't go well for Frank. In four starts for the Eighty-Niners he lost three and won just a single game. His ERA skyrocketed to 8.46 and he allowed seven home runs in just 22.1 innings of work. That was the end of the line for Frank's career as a professional ball player.

Today Frank Pastore has a radio show on 99.5 FM in Los Angeles, California.

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