Saturday, October 23, 2010

ALCS thoughts and a contest winner.

So the Rangers are the American League Champions for 2010 and are headed to the World Series. Both are firsts in franchise history. I have finally come back to earth and have a few random thoughts on the ALCS and Texas heading to the World Series.

Glad that Josh Hamilton (shown on card number 2376 of the 2008 UD Documentary set) and Michael Young found their bats for the ALCS. I was a bit concerned at the lack of production from the two during the ALDS.

Nice to see Hamilton win the ALCS MVP. Several of the other guys made a good case but Josh was on fire at the plate. Case in point - three intentional walks last night.

Awesome that Vlad Guerrero knocked a two run double after an intentional walk to Hamilton to get to him. I figured the Yankees were playing with fire there and would get burned eventually.

Super sweet that Alex Rodriguez struck out looking to end the final game. Couldn't have been better. Especially since some kid froze him up.

Speaking of kids, wonder if Alex still thinks the Rangers are a bunch of "kids?" As in, "If they had told me that it would be me and 24 kids I never would have signed." Michael Young and Colby Lewis were among those kids.

Colby Lewis. Great story. Great performances. Nice to see him back and doing well. Even better to see a pitcher not named Cliff Lee come up big. I like Cliff but there needs to be depth to the rotation.

Love "old, slow" catchers. Thanks Bengie.

The running game. Priceless. Keep moving in the Series guys. Just remember, the team you're up against next likely knows how to play the running game.

This is one Rangers Strat-O-Matic team set I can't wait to get. Should be a great play.

Ok, enough random thoughts for now. Time to get the contest winner announced. As you may have read on Monday, I was looking for a correct prediction as to the Rangers' last batter in the ALCS. There were five entries, none correct. Elvis Andrus was the last Ranger to the plate last night.

Steve Scott had guessed Bengie Molina. Bengie was two outs before Elvis so that was close. Not as close as Night Owl's Mitch Moreland entry though. Mitch was the out before Elvis. Of course, if Elvis had gotten on then Michael Young would have come to the plate. If Michael had made the final out then Play at the Plate's entry would have been correct. Cubsfan731 guessed Jeff Francoeur. Frenchie didn't even play last night but the entry included the pitcher involved being Mariano Rivera. The Yankees final pitcher was Mo. About the only entry with no connection to the final out was Cincykid's guess of Cliff Lee pinch-hitting for Josh Hamilton.

Since everyone was close (except Cincykid) and nobody was correct it seemed right to decide the contest by random drawing. In the interest of fairness and because I appreciate creativity, I included Cincykid in the drawing. Each name was written on a slip of paper and all were dropped into a Rangers cap. After some mixing I had my one-year-old draw the winner. Out came Steve Scott's name.

Congratulations Steve. I'll be sending you an email shortly with the details on your prize. Thanks to all who entered.

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cincykid said...

Are you positive Cliff Lee wasn't in the on deck circle when the last out was made???? I could have sworn that I saw him warming up with about three bats waiting to pinch hit. Oh well, maybe in the Series????