Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ALDS game 1: Rangers - 5, Devil Rays - 1.

Ok, so I don't have a Rangers card of ace Cliff Lee who mowed down 10 Devil Rays in seven innings while allowing just one run.

I don't have a Rangers card of Bengie Molina who went 3-for-4 with a home run and two RBI.

I also don't have a Rangers card of Jeff Francoeur who hammered a RBI double.

I do have this 2010 Topps Texas Rangers (number TEX6) card of Nelson Cruz who launched a solo homer off of Tampa Bay ace David Price.

I also have one of Vladimir
Guerrero, he who drove in a run with his double. But I'll save that one for another day - hopefully I'll need it.

What an awesome day! Gotta say that I am pumped. Having never followed the boys in postseason action I was on a high most of the day. Yeah, "It's time."


Dominican Baseball Guy said...

I have been Rangers fan since the last time we were in playoffs. Re:your last post, Juan Gonzales earned the nickname Senior October that series. He was incredible. I love our lineup, but no one can touch Gonzales' bat in his prime.

So, I was expecting to lose this series. But pretty awesome to see them dominate. Nelson Cruz, Vlad Guerrero, Neftali Feliz, all Dominicans. Barry Horn had a good article about all the Latin Players the Rangers have: They got some pretty good white boys too.

Spiff said...

Perhaps nobody can touch Gonzo's power in his prime. The thing is that he was pretty one dimensional.(Much as I loved him.) He was a swing from the heels crusher. The thing about the big boppers the Rangers have now is that even if you keep them in the yard they will hurt you. Not necessarily better, just different.