Saturday, October 16, 2010

To NY with a split.

What an emotional rollercoaster the past two days have been. Some positives and some negatives in the first two games of the NLCS.

In game one C.J. Wilson pitched like I thought he would. The offense jumped on C.C. Sabathia like I hoped they would. Those were good and set the Rangers on a winning course. Then the bullpen pitched like the 1980's staff would. That sealed the Rangers' fate and gave them a 6-5 loss. Much anguish. Even lost sleep last night.

Today was supposed to be all Yankees (at least according to the pundits). Phil Hughes was supposed to do well in Texas and Colby Lewis wasn't supposed to be able to handle the mighty New York lineup. Well, the Rangers' lineup handled Hughes and Lewis (shown here on card number 870 of the 2003 Topps Total set) handled the Yankees. Gave Colby the first ever postseason win in Arlington, his first postseason win, and the first ever win for Texas in the ALCS. Must say I was glad to see this result. I will admit that, after the first game, I almost didn't listen to this one. Glad I did though. Nothing like a 7-2 win over New York to help give the spirits a bounce.

Now, on to New York with the series tied 1-1. Tomorrow is a travel day. Cliff Lee should be pitching on Monday against Andy Pettitte - will be a tight game but Texas has a chance and really needs to win this one. Tommy Hunter is slated for Tuesday against A.J. Burnett - Could go either way, Texas stands a decent chance of taking advantage of this match-up if Hunter has a good start. After game four the starters have not been announced.

Would be nice if starters are needed after game four. Go Rangers! It's time.

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