Monday, September 30, 2013

Number 163 here we come.

I had the 2013 Texas Rangers dead, buried, and mourned for in my mind. Then over the past week they played at a level not reached this season. That didn't phase me though, I already concluded they were too far gone to be saved.

Yesterday afternoon they proved me wrong. With a little help from the Toronto Blue Jays, the Rangers are headed for game 163 of the 2013 season tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays.

When the final pitch was thrown yesterday you can bet I looked like Cecil Espy on card 502 of the 1990 Bowman set. Well, except for the necklace. And mustache. And hair color. And I wasn't in a ballpark. Ok, I was wearing a Rangers cap and shirt and smiling just as big as he is here.

I am incredibly thrilled to see Texas raised from the dead with a renewed shot at the post-season. I would have danced a jig with Spiff Jr had my back not been out.

Now it's the day after. Game 163 looms large as the final couple of hours before game time tick away. Spiff Jr's got ball practice tonight so I'm going to miss the first part of the game. Hopefully I miss the early Rangers scoring and Martin Perez shutting down the Rays.

Hopefully. Still can't completely shake the nervous thought that the team might not make it past game 163. Not sure I've seen a card that looks like I feel right now.

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