Saturday, September 14, 2013

Senators Saturday - Ed Hobaugh, 1963.

Spiff Jr has a ballgame today and that's going to take up most of my time before work. That means you'll have to settle for a pre-scheduled post, even if the Rangers managed to win last night for the first time in a long stretch.

Ed Hobaugh appears here on card 423 of the 1963 Topps set. Ed sure seems like he's happy about something. Whatever it is, it isn't his on-field performance.

After a somewhat mediocre year in 1962 Hobaugh was trying to stick in the Washington bullpen in 1963. That turned out to be an elusive goal.

Ed got into just nine games for the Senators in 1963, only one was a start. He got no wins and no losses for his 16 innings pitched. What he did get was an atrocious 6.19 ERA and 1.625 WHIP.

Those were bad numbers, even for the Senators. Hobaugh spent most of the season at Triple A. Interestingly, he played in the St. Louis, Baltimore, and Milwaukee systems without ever leaving the Senators organization. Not sure if the Washington minor league system was still in flux or what.

Between all three teams in the minors Ed made 10 starts and 32 appearances total. Over 105 innings pitched he posted a 6-7 record to go along with his 4.11 ERA and 1.229 WHIP.

1963 had been a huge disappointment for Ed Hobaugh and undoubtedly for the Senators. It was apparent Ed was not going to develop any time soon into a serviceable Major League pitcher. In June of 1964 Washington sent Hobaugh to the White Sox after he spent the first part of the season in the minors. I haven't been able to find the transaction details so I'm not certain what the Senators received in return. What is certain is that Ed Hobaugh never pitched in another Major League game after 1963.

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