Thursday, September 19, 2013

Odd Moments: #36-#40.

Ok, so I was looking at T.R. Sullivan's list of the Top 50 Strange and Bizarre Moments in Rangers History and realized I have been working my way through this list for a little over two years. Way too long. Going to step up the pace and do group posts unless something really strange pops up.

#36 The Kennedy Explosion - T.R. does not give an exact date for this incident but Kevin Kennedy managed for Texas in 1993 and 1994. After the team blew a 5-1 lead and lost to the Twins 7-5 Kennedy launched a profanity laced tirade in the visiting clubhouse that echoed through the Metrodome. The highlight of the outburst was when he smashed a mirror with a hot baked potato.

#37 Ryan Tossed - August 6, 1992. Nolan Ryan was pitching a great game against the A's when he hit Willie Wilson in the top of the eighth. The two exchanged words earlier in the game. Home plate Umpire Richie Garcia ejected Ryan and the crowd went nuts. The game was delayed by 30 minutes due to debris being thrown on the field.

#38 Tarp Slide - If you've been following the Rangers for the past few years you probably remember the rain delay at Shea Stadium in 2008. Several Rangers including Milton Bradley, Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Ian Kinsler ran out of the clubhouse and used the infield rain tarp as a slip and slide.

#39 One Man Boycott - Juan Gonzalez, reigning American League MVP, boycotted the 1999 All-Star Game after failing to be elected to a starting spot in the outfield.

#40 Oscar Acosta - I don't remember this guy at all. He was fired as pitching coach after only a couple of months in 2002. He told a newspaper he had nobody on the Rangers coaching staff to talk baseball with. That was the final straw.

Some unusual stuff there for sure. About the only thing it has to do with the 2001 Upper Deck Game Jersey card at the top of the post is that Ivan Rodriguez witnessed several of the incidents. Just didn't have a more appropriate game-used or autographed card to go along with the post.


Crabtree said...

The Kennedy explosion came after the game played on June 1, 1993.

Spiff said...

Thanks for the info. Always good to have those details.