Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1972 Topps - Larry Biittner

Today's card is another in the airbrushed beauty that is 1972 Topps. Just about every Rangers card in this set was airbrushed due to the company not having pictures of the players in their new Rangers duds. As a result the team looks for all the world like they are appearing on cereal box cards.

Larry Biittner may not have been airbrushed on card number 122 but he has no logo in site. Larry seems a bit pensive, almost as if he is unsure about the move to Texas. He must have liked it though. After two seasons with the Rangers he was traded to Montreal. He then played nine more seasons before re-signing with Texas for his final campaign in 1983.

Don't worry Larry, you aren't the only one moving. It would appear that as soon as the logjam gets broken in the free agent market there will be a lot of players with new homes this next season.


night owl said...

I have several of those '72 Rangers air-brushed cards. Too bad the Rangers didn't start out with red caps in 1972. That way Topps could claim they were half right.

Joey said...

The 1972 Topps issue is one of my least favorites from the brand.

Spiff said...

Night Owl - True. I like the blue better myself though.

Joey - Agreed. It is the first year of the Rangers though so I gotta pick 'em up.