Saturday, November 15, 2008

1987 Classic - Pete Incaviglia

Nothing much happening on the free agent front today so I decided to fall back on Classic trivia. Today's questions come from card number 16 in Classic's 1987 offering.

I picked this card up off Sportlots awhile back as I started trying to fill some holes in my collection. I must say, I like the card. I knew that Inky was strong but it takes real power to vaporize the ball. Looks like Pete has done just that. Wonder what the umpire's call was?

Ok, on to the questions.
1. (T-F) Ty Cobb holds the single season record for the highest batting average?
2. Who was nicknamed "The Iron Horse"?
3. Who tied Mike Schmidt for the N.L. home run crown in 1984?
4. Who was the first third baseman to hit over 500 career home runs?
5. What is the nickname of the Cincinnati N.L. team?
Got some pretty easy ones this time. Feel free to post your answers or thoughts on Inky's powder power.


AdamE said...

1 False
2 Lou Gehrig
3 Dale Murphey
4 Jimmie Foxx (I did a post on this the other day
5 Reds (used to be Redlegs and Red Stockings before that)

Spiff said...

Thanks for the answers. You got 1, 2, 3, and 5 correct. I couldn't figure out what was with Foxx not being the answer to 4 ao I looked him up. It looks like he played 1919 games at 1B and only 141 at 3B. Probably why he wasn't the answer.