Saturday, November 8, 2008

Simply Golden.

Michael Young won a Gold Glove for this past season's performance. I thought that the image of Mike turning a double play was appropriate. Seeing it on card number 87 of the 2008 Masterpieces set was also fitting. A Gold Glove recognizes a master.

Can't say I was terribly surprised by Michael Young winning a Gold Glove. He managed to beat out runner-up Derek Jeter by five points in fielding percentage, one less error, 44 more double plays, and 0.77 assists more per game on average. For the numbers folks, Mike's range factor in 2008 was 4.36 compared to Jeter's 3.83.

Still not sure why the Rangers need to be in a hurry to trade Young or move his position. Seems to me that he is handling it just fine right now.

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