Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2005 UD All-Star Classics - Hank Blalock

#17 in the set is Hank Blalock. I decided to post this card after reading about Hank getting whiplash in a car accident on Monday and being out of the lineup yesterday. He, his wife, and his little boy got rear-ended at a stop sign. He said he was sore but his wife was worse; they had been stopped long enough that she had put her feet up on the dash before they got hit.

Couple of things about this card that catch my eye. First, the way he's wearing the socks. I just like the old style of wearing them as opposed to the way most players wear them now. Second, it appears as though Blalock is preparing to lay down a bunt. Somewhat of a forgotten art in the American League these days and so it is interesting to see him setting up. Also kind of odd considering that he had 38 doubles and 32 home runs in 2004. Since he only had 2 stolen bases that year it seems safe to conclude that he doesn't have the speed to make this anything other than a sacrifice bunt.

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