Monday, March 31, 2008

1991 Classic II - Ivan Rodriguez

Card number T82 in the 1991 Classic set is today's Ivan on Monday card.

Here we have another card with no stats; just a note stating "No Major League Record." Not sure what to think of this card. I don't care for the border but it is an early Pudge. Kind of an odd aspect - there is a spot on the back of the card for an autograph. I guess if I was going to get the card signed it would be on the front.

These cards were initially issued as part of a trivia game and this one has some interesting questions on the back. A couple of them made me scratch my head. See what you know without looking up the answers.

1. (T-F) Babe Ruth hit the most grand-slam HRs in history.
2. Which Giant first baseman hit the most grand-slam HRs in the N.L.?
3. What was Mickey Mantle's uniform number when he was first called up to the Yankees?
4. Who was the Major League owner who was fined for managing his team for one game?

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