Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Pocket Schedule

Maybe I should change this to the collectible of the day. Today we see Ian Kinsler on offense and Michael Young on defense on the front of the 2008 pocket schedule. My mother-in-law picked this up and saved it for me. Glad she did too since I have a wee bit of trouble getting my hands on them being as far away as I am.

I like pocket schedules. They are just the right size to fit in a nine pocket page but with a quick flip you can see the whole year's worth of games laid out for reference. Got to like the selection of players as well. The middle infield guys who are locked in and look like they will be in Texas for several years.

The best part of the schedule has to be that it proclaims that the season is about to start. Gonna see some baseball!

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