Thursday, March 27, 2008

2004 MLB Showdown - Gerald Laird

Number 32 in the Pennant Run release is today's card of the day, Gerald Laird.

As of yesterday Laird was named as the starting catcher for Texas for this season. Adam Melhuse is his backup and Jarrod Saltalamacchia got sent to triple A. I for one am glad that is settled because now Laird is out of the spotlight and must do something to get back there. It just hit me wrong to hear Laird complain that he was expected to compete for the starting job instead of it just being given to him. Who does he think he is, Johnny Bench?

As for the card, I like this one. It is always nice to see catchers in their "tools of ignorance" and in action. I also just like the look of the last couple of years of Showdown's cards. The lack of corners to get dinged is a nice touch as well.

In my only previous post on a MLB Showdown card I asked if anyone else has tried the game. Nobody responded but I'll still give you an update on my team. Laird started off as my starting catcher when I put together my team. He stayed there until I got an extra Pudge card (I don't play with the ones in my team or player collections). Rodriguez has a lower on base number but a better arm and more speed. Right now Gerald is having to compete for the starting spot and isn't looking like he'll win it on my team.

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