Friday, March 14, 2008

1994 Action Packed - Benji Gil

Well, the Rangers made another cut and sent several players back to the minor leagues. Thinking about that made me remember Benji Gil. Here he is on card #48 of the 1994 Action Packed set playing for the Oklahoma City 89ers.

I like this card. Action Packed also did a set of all-time baseball greats and I liked that set as well. You can't tell from the picture but Gil rises slightly out of the card. Kind of a modified 3D effect. Also, I like the shot of him stretching for a smash up the middle.

The back of the card contains partial stats from 1993 when he played with both Texas and Tulsa. It also has a "scouting report" with some interesting information. We learn that Benji was the Opening-day shortstop for the Rangers in 1993 but that the jump from class A ball to the majors was "too much" and he was sent back down. At this point in his career though Gil had little to be discouraged about, he had been named the best defensive shortstop and best infield arm in the Texas League.

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