Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1997 Pacific - Rusty Greer

Today's card of the day is kind of a rush job. We have family coming in and Mrs. Spiff is reminding me that I promised to help with the house-cleaning.

I chose #201 in the set because I like Rusty Greer. I figured that way there would be something about this card I like as well as something I don't. I like the mostly border-less look. What I don't like is all the foil along the side (top) of the card. Too much in my opinion (in which I feel I am sure to be joined by Joey at Squeezeplay Cards). It's hard to read Rusty's name and one can only imagine being able to read the year just to the left of his name.

This card also brings up another topic. Rusty is wearing the red uniform that the Rangers sported in the late nineties up through 2000 or so. During that time they went to the post season three times, the only three in club history. Lately I have read some talk about the fans wanting the team to return to red uniforms because they won in them. Well, at least made the post season. Others feel that the red uniforms somehow look better. I beg to differ. I prefer the blue and hope they stick with it. After all, they originally went to blue to get away from the red that they wore in Washington as the Senators. As the saying goes, "Washington: first in war, first in peace, last in the American League."


Anonymous said...

You are right, I don't like the foil. I also don't like Pacific cards in general.

Spiff said...

Figured I had you pegged on the foil. Pacific cards never really did it for me either.