Saturday, January 3, 2009

1972 Topps - Dick Bosman.

Seeing as it has been a slow day on the baseball front and a couple of weeks since we have seen anything from the Rangers' first set, I decided to revisit 1972. Today we see Topps card number 365, featuring Dick Bosman.

After six seasons with the Senators, Bosman would last only a season and a half with the Rangers. He would return later though as a pitching coach for the team.

1972 Topps is a team set that I would really like to complete. Since it is the inaugural set I have been placing special emphasis on it lately. Here is my current want list from 1972 Topps:
510 Ted Williams
529 Dave Nelson
577 Mike Paul
598 Hal King
654 Horacio Pina
668 Rangers Team
737 Lenny Randle
767 Tom McCraw
If you have any of these and think we might be able to work a trade please let me know.

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