Monday, January 19, 2009

Book 1, Page 25.

Monday again. It's been one of those days for me so I can say that I am glad to be hitting the books. The Pudge books that is. Much better turn out this week than last. Here is what we have in today's page:

1995 Fleer All-Stars #1
Empty pocket
1995 King-B Discs #19
1995 Kraft #13
1995 Leaf #107
1995 Leaf Great Gloves #16
1995 Leaf Limited #131
1995 Pacific #433
1995 Pacific Latinos Destacados #31

The empty pocket is reserved for the 1995 Fleer Update Smooth Leather #9. Hard to say which of these eight cards I like the best. Perhaps the Kraft one. It actually folds, kind of like a pop-up book and out comes Ivan at the bat. The rest of the card forms a base to hold him up. I guess that was so you could display your collection on your desk at school. Got to give Kraft marks for creativity.

Here in a couple of minutes I will be adding a few blogs to my links list. These are blogs I have been watching and feel that they are updated regularly and are content appropriate.

First off is Tastelikedirt. Jim is an A's fan and avid A's collector. Those who bleed green and yellow have a hard lot in life. I feel some sympathy for them though, since a close family member is afflicted with the same illness. Please show Jim a little compassion and read his excellent and entertaining blog. The taste it will leave in your mouth will be nothing like dirt.

Next is Thoughts and Sox. I used to believe that Red Sox fans were not crazy, just sad. After two World Series wins in the last few years, Adam appears neither crazy nor sad. Being stuck in Missouri doesn't seem to dampen his spirits either. One thing about teams like the BoSox, their fans have an excuse to pick up some really neat vintage cards. Adam does just that, among other things. Check out his thoughtful take on the Sox.

Last, but certainly not least, is Wrigley Wax. This is a fairly new blog that is dedicated to the Cubs. Not sure if that constitutes madness or sadness, but the posts are very informative. I have had a ball reading them and learning stuff about the Cubbies I never even imagined. Failure to give this blog a gander would be like refusing to let a goat in to see the ball game.


RWH said...

Gotta love that Kraft is the baseball card innovator. ha!

Spiff said...

Yeah, says a lot doesn't it?

Wrigley Wax said...

Thank for the plug. I'm glad you are enjoying the bizarre and twisted history of the Cubs. You know, any team can have a bad century!

Bay Rat North West said...

I gotta go with the Great Gloves card. As a former catcher I like the action shot better than the Kraft. That is the first 95 King B I have seen and I like that design.
Thanks for joining up on RangersCards. I am glad I am not the only one adding Rangers card scans.
If you send me your addy I have 5 g/u cads for you.
Reds Cards