Friday, January 23, 2009


The Rangers unveiled their 2009 uniforms today. They are bringing back the red. Some fans will shriek with delight at this development. I feel more like Todd Zeile on his 2000 MLB Showdown card. Todd looks like he is trying to shrink right out of card number 446. Who can blame him really?

Let's face it, the man played for the Cardinals at one point in his career. Now there is a team meant to wear red. St. Louis does their red uniforms and does them well. The Angels don't look too shabby in red. Of course the Red Sox can pull it off. Occasionally other teams try it and they end up looking like the Rangers do when they get too much red, strange and out of place. (White Sox anyone?)

I know, I know, there are some out there who will loudly declare their nostalgia for the red uniforms. They claim that red will bring back the days of winning the division. The only time the Rangers have won their division they were wearing red. Of course, pitching might have had a little to do with that success as well. As for me, if I wanted to root for a team wearing red I would take a look at the Nationals.

What are your thoughts? Good move? Bad move? Do you even care?


night owl said...

I don't like it when teams completely change their color schemes. I know the Rangers were once the Senators, who wore red. But to me the Rangers wear blue, with only a smidge of red.

Color is part of establishing a team's identity (Cardinal Red, Dodger Blue, Yankee navy, etc). What identity are you establishing if you keep changing the colors?

I thought that with the White Sox back in the day. They wore light blue, then red, then kind of a navy & red, and finally, finally, they settled on black and stayed with it. I think the Rangers need to pick a color and settle.

RWH said...

It's odd, the other day I was looking at your post with various Pudge cards and noticed the red caps etc. and thought how fortunate I feel not to have to look at those uniforms 20 times a year when they play Angels and now they're back. I miss the days of the simple red T outlined in white on a blue cap.

Spiff said...

Agreed with Night Owl on the identity. I have always admired teams that have used the same basic uniform for decade after decade. While I like the modern T over the old one I was also grateful to no longer have to look at the red uniforms. At least until yesterday.