Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kapler signs.

Former Rangers' outfielder Gabe Kapler, seen here on card number 143 of the 2002 Fleer set, has signed with the Tampa Bay Rays. According to, Kapler inked a $1 million dollar one-year deal with the team formerly known as the Devil Rays. The contract contains no incentives. This seems to validate Kapler's comeback last season.

Texas has officially invited shortstop Elvis Andrus and first baseman Justin Smoak to Spring Training. Neither is guaranteed a roster spot and it is likely that Smoak won't make the team. Andrus is supposed to make the cut and that is why the tiff with Michael Young moving to third came up.

The Rangers have checked Ben Sheets' medical reports. As the only team interested in Sheets so far there seems to be at least a decent chance that Texas might sign him. If he can come back from his late season injury then he could be a good pickup and significantly upgrade the pitching staff.


Dubbs said...

Sheets is a helluva pitcher, but in 8 seasons w/ the Crew he has never won more than 13 games...due to injury. If they guy stays healthy and gets run support he's a 20-game winner. Hope your boys can sign him.

Spiff said...

Run support isn't really projected to be a problem for Texas. Pitching health is another matter though...