Monday, January 12, 2009

Book 1, Page 24.

Here we are back on I-Rod Monday again. Trying to get caught up from a long weekend at work here, hope that everyone else is doing well. Ok, Let's see what we have in this rather scant page today.
Empty pocket
Empty pocket
1995 Donruss Top of the Order #165
1995 Emotion #88
1995 Finest #109
Empty pocket
1995 Flair #92
Empty pocket
1995 Fleer #295

Wow! A lot of empty plastic there. Here's what's missing: 1995 Donruss Dominators #2, 1995 Donruss Press Proofs #423, 1995 Finest Refractors #109, 1995 Flair Hot Gloves #10.

Of the cards in the page, I probably like the Emotion one best. Nice photo of Pudge playing hard and getting ready to snag a pop foul. I must admit though that the "wired" across the bottom of the card is a bit strange.

Well, it was looking like the Rangers were well into the process of building a long-term team that had a decent chance at succeeding. Then they manage to go and alienate Michael Young by telling him that he is moving to third. This has resulted in Young asking for a trade. That will be bad for Texas, real bad. While Young is probably overreacting, it seems that the Rangers should have taken a different route on this. Young has already switched positions once for the team and probably would have been willing to do so again if approached correctly. Hank Blalock was asked to move from third to first, why could Michael Young not have been asked rather than told?

Most likely everyone saw the writing on the wall for Young to move to third at some point, I know I did. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. Mike is too big an asset at the plate and in the clubhouse to just shove off but he would eventually be slowing down and need to be moved. It seems that the problem here is more the way the move was proposed rather than the move itself. I sure hope that things can get patched up, it would be a shame to lose Michael at this point.

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night owl said...

If they lose Michael Young, it's a bad move no matter how they approached it. You can't lose a player like that. Geez.