Monday, March 16, 2009

Book 1, Page 31.

Well, only about three weeks from Opening Day. Spring Training is grinding on. Manny Ramirez is feeling the sting of reporting late and said his injury may indicate the Dodgers made "a bad investment." Pudge is still unsigned and is probably facing retirement. One would think that he might be a good investment for someone. Well, here's what we have today for Ivan on Monday.

1995 Ultra Award Winners Gold Medallion #1
1995 Ultra Gold Medallion #113
1995 Upper Deck #391
1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #391
Empty pocket
1995 Upper Deck Special Edition #41
Empty pocket
1995 Zenith #39
1995 Zenith All-Star Salute #12

The empty pockets are waiting on the 1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Gold #391 and the 1995 Upper Deck Special Edition Gold #41. Of the cards currently in the page, I must say I like the regular Upper Deck one the best. Hard to beat the play at the plate and I like the bronze colored foil over the silver of the Electric Diamond version.

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