Thursday, March 5, 2015

Six year return.

Today's card is an autographed 1984 Donruss card of Rangers fan favorite Jim Sundberg. This is one of my most recent through the mail returns and was pretty surprising when it arrived.

I sent this card and a 1980 Topps card to Sunny on October 10, 2008 when he was working for the Rangers. I sent the request to the ballpark because I had word that Jim did not like to sign from home. The cards seemed to drop off the face of the earth and I assumed that Sundberg would not sign from the ballpark either.

Much to my astonishment, the cards arrived signed in my mailbox on February 26, 2015. That's after over six years and an out of state move. The forwarding on my mail has long since expired and I wrote off any requests that hadn't come back yet.

I'll take it though and am very grateful to have this signed card in my collection. Much thanks for the autograph Mr. Sundberg.


Tony L. said...

That is a pretty crazy passage of time for you to still get that card! I met Jim Sundberg when he was with the Brewers in the mid-1980s. I think I had him autograph a Topps Sticker or something stupid like that.

The Angels In Order said...

Always awesome to get those "long gone" cards back.