Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Little Big Leaguers - Jim Sundberg

Sunny puts in his first appearance with this definitely odd-ball Little Big Leaguers card. I have no idea what year the set was from as it has no copyright year or other indication. It was from one of his years with Texas as it shows the Rangers as his team on the back of the card. There are perforations on the edges like it was in a magazine at some point. A fun card in spite of the "Yankees" on Sundberg's uniform.

Very possibly one of the most popular players in Rangers history, and the best catcher until Ivan Rodriguez, Sundberg was known as a straight laced player. Sadly this was not always the case. The back of this card informs us that, when he was 10, Jim hit three home runs in one Little League game with a bat that League officials later said was illegal. Probably the power was a tip-off to the League. Sunny was a sight to behold behind the plate but wasn't ever much of a threat at bat.

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