Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1976 Topps - Dave Moates.

Dave Moates, shown here on card 327 of the 1976 Topps set, was a fellow 1969 draft pick to Joe Lovitto. Dave was selected by the Senators in the fourth round of the draft.

Moates had a cup of coffee with Texas in 1974 and then split the 1975 season between the minors and Arlington. In 1976 he would avoid the minors all year.

Moates' role as the team's fifth outfielder limited him to 85 games in 1976. In those 85 games he made 153 plate appearances. He posted a .241 batting average and a .293 on-base percentage. He hit seven doubles, one triple, and no home runs. Moates was considered a base-stealer but got caught in three out of nine attempts.

On defense Moates played in all three outfield positions. His fielding percentage was a decent .991, ten points higher than the league average. His range factor was about average.

Moates had a big problem with the bat. Mainly, he didn't seem to have much of one. Not sure if that was related to wearing his batting glove on his top hand or not. If Dave wanted to shove his way into the Rangers crowded outfield he would need to do it with his bat. Offense would have to be his area of focused improvement.


Jim Walewander said...

Is this blog defunct? I miss my fix of Rangers cards.

Spiff said...

No Jim, it's not defunct. We just signed a contract on a house and are looking to close in March. In the meantime I will be trying to get back to posting again. Thanks for your support.