Thursday, August 14, 2014

Couple of great days with the Rangers.

Had a great couple of days enjoying being a Rangers fan yesterday and the day before.

Got to head off to the Ballpark in Arlington on Tuesday to catch the Rangers - Rays game. Since I missed going with the family a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Spiff suggested we make it up. I had the day off and it was Pudge Rodriguez bobblehead day so we decided to catch a late lunch and get to the park early. We actually got there before the parking lots opened. Don't think I have ever been that early before.

Got parked and into line. Had to wait about 45 minutes or so for the gates to open but we had that calculated in so it wasn't an issue. Got it and got everyone's bobbleheads. Spiff Jr was impressed with all of Ivan's Gold Gloves. The sisters more with the bobble.

Since we were so early, Mrs. Spiff mentioned letting Spiff Jr troll for autographs again. I decided to join him. I struck out but he managed to pick up a Miles Mikolas signature. The kid isn't bad at asking for autographs and may soon get a decent collection going.

The games ended up going 14 innings. We were in the third deck with some shade and breeze so it wasn't so bad. The score was low with it tied 2-2 going into extras and there were a few really good defensive plays. This was my first live extra innings affair so I was really enjoying it. Gator petered out towards the end of nine but did get up to dance during the 14th inning stretch. In the bottom of the 14th Texas managed to load the bases and sent Adam Rosales to the plate. He worked a rare walk-off walk to end the game with a 3-2 Rangers win. Any day at the ballpark is a good one. A win makes it better.

First thing yesterday we got everyone loaded up and headed over to a Whataburger not too far from home. Not that we wanted hamburgers; Rangers outfielder Jim Adduci was scheduled to make an appearance there to sign autographs. The line was limited to the first 225 and to my surprise there were 105 folks in line when we arrived 20 minutes early. I think it might have reached capacity before it was all over. Adduci arrived on time and was pleasant with everyone so far as I could see. He chatted with folks and asked Spiff Jr if we waited very long for him to show up. Spiff Jr answered that it wasn't very long and asked him to sign a 2014 Topps for him. Adduci did so and thanked us for coming. He neatly signed the 2014 Topps Heritage card shown above for me.

All in all I was pretty impressed. A morning signing in a fast food joint the day after an extra innings game would be enough to put most folks out. Not Jim Adduci. He seemed tired but glad to be there and was pleasant with young and old.

While Spiff Jr, Sis, and I waited in line for autographs, Bug and Gator hung out with Mrs. Spiff at the edge of the crowd. Rangers Captain found them though and delighted both girls with his antics. He even kissed Gator's hand and she talked about it for quite awhile afterwards. We managed to get a picture with all four kids and Captain before leaving. Thanks to Jim Adduci and Captain, the time we spent getting out for this relatively small event was well spent.

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