Thursday, January 16, 2014


Well, the Rangers signed reliever Neal Cotts to a one year $2.2 million deal to avoid arbitration. That leaves Mitch Moreland, Neftali Feliz, and Alexi Ogando as the arbitration eligible players left. The Rangers have exchanged figures with them and could sign them before arbitration. That's normally what happens with Texas.

That's about all the Rangers news out there today and I don't have a signed Neal Cotts card to go with it. That got me to flipping through my autographs and game-used but nothing caught my eye. Then I remembered that small section of the box reserved for my 1/1 cards. I don't have many but I realized I hadn't posted one yet.

Picked this 2005 Upper Deck 1/1 of reliever Frank Francisco up off Ebay just before Frankie left Texas. This is the cyan printing plate from the set. Upper Deck encased their plates in a cardboard frame in 2005. While I think 1/1 cards are overrated at times it is neat to own a card that nobody else has a copy of. I've only pulled one 1/1, a Mark Prior printing plate from the 2005 Upper Deck set. Sold it on Ebay, after all, he wasn't a Ranger.

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