Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Knees, trades, and tickets.

The bad news for the Rangers pitching staff started before Spring Training this year. Derek Holland, shown here on card 413 of the Topps Diamond Anniversary Factory set, was supposed to shoulder a large amount of the starting load this season. Instead he underwent knee surgery on Friday to deal with some torn cartilage in his left knee. He apparently injured the knee falling on the stairs in his home while playing with his dog. Talk about a freak injury, that one has to go on the list. Dutch is looking at being out for six weeks and possibly making a mid-season return. He has no torn ligaments though so that timetable could be shortened a little. In the past an injury like this would have completely derailed the Rangers season. It still might but with the depth in pitching the Rangers have they might be able to hold on until Holland gets back.

Got a box of cards in the mail yesterday from John over at Johnny's Trading Spot. John contacted me several weeks ago about a large trade of Braves for Rangers. We eventually worked out a deal for about 375 cards each. I gotta say I liked the lot John sent. He included a large variety of cards and hit quite a few holes in my wantlist. He also completed the 1998 Pacific team set. Hopefully we can work out trades in the future as well. If John ever drops you a line wanting to relieve you of your excess Braves you should jump on the chance. Thanks again for the trade John!

Another happening from yesterday was the ordering of tickets to the Rangers FanFest for Spiff Jr and I. This will be a first for both of us and I am looking forward to it. The disadvantage of being an out of state fan is that you don't get a chance to do these types of things. Is anyone else going? Any advice from those who have been before?

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J. Meeks said...

The Fan Fest is usually spread out over two days (a Saturday and a Sunday). This year, everything is compacted into one day, so I imagine activities will be going on from early in the morning until late in the day. My advice: get there early and get in your autograph line as soon as possible. Those are always the big draw. The players only sign for a certain amount of time, so there is a possibility that you could miss out on getting whoever is signing at that moment. However, it is still a fun event to attend, especially if you are taking children. I was thinking about going, but I just found out that I will be out of town for work. :-/ Have fun!!!