Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best Seasons: Vladimir Guerrero - 2010.

Number 35 on TR Sullivan's list of the Top 50 Seasons in Rangers history is Vladimir Guerrero's 2010 campaign.

The Rangers signed Vlad, shown here on card DDC-25 of the 2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts set, to a one-year deal with the idea that he would primarily be a Designated Hitter. He played just a few games in the outfield without much success.

He was a hitter though. His 643 plate appearances translated to a .300 batting average, a .345 on-base percentage, and a .496 slugging percentage. Guerrero's strike out to walk ratio wasn't that good with 60 K's and only 35 walks but when he made contact he more than made up for it. His 29 home runs and 27 doubles played a big role as he drove in 115 RBI.

Vlad's numbers provided Josh Hamilton with protection in the Texas lineup and were a big factor in the Rangers first ever pennant. They also garnered him an All-Star nod, a Silver Slugger award, and some MVP consideration. All in all the season was a great one and made the signing look great. Of course, it was only a one-year contract and at the end of the year Guerrero rode off into the sunset like the Lone Ranger.

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