Thursday, April 24, 2014

50/50 auto.

I have quite a few Charlie Hough autos. Some have come through the mail, others through a 50/50 deal I once was part of. This signed 1989 Score card of Mr. Hough is one of the ones I got in the 50/50 deal.

Several years ago I saw a notice on a card trading website I was a member of. One of the other members lived near where Charlie Hough managed for a minor league team. The guy had season tickets as I recall and wanted to build a Hough collection. He was looking for 50/50 partners.

The deal was that I was supposed to send a batch of Charlie Hough cards to the other guy. There were two or three of each card. He would get as many signed as possible and return one of each to me. He was to keep the rest of the cards (one or two of each depending on how many I sent) for his part. Any shipping expenses would be split 50/50.

I gathered up the lot and sent it off. Included were several cards I could only find one extra of and a note telling my trade partner to keep all the cards with only one copy. Now it was waiting time.

In the fall I got an email from the other guy. Yay! My Charlie Hough autos were on the way? No. He had the autos but he hadn't sent them. He needed me to send him money to cover the cost of return postage. This hadn't been the deal before. It doubled my expense. If I didn't send him the money he would hang on to the cards and await developments. I sent him the money.

My signed cards arrived and were as advertised. I figured the cost and found the price per auto was about three times what I would have paid if I sent the cards directly to Hough a few at a time. I was glad to get the cards but have never since even considered a 50/50 autograph deal.

Anyone else ever tried a 50/50 autograph deal on either end? How did it work out for you?

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James Crabtree said...

Never heard of a 50/50 autograph deal. You are lucky you got the cards back after sending the money.