Thursday, April 24, 2008

1976 Topps - Briles IP auto

Today's card is number 569 in the 1976 Topps set, Nelson Briles.

This is the oldest signed Rangers card I have. I didn't actually get it signed myself, I got it in a lot of in person and through the mail autographs that I bought several years ago. Still an interesting card though.

Obviously Topps didn't ask Briles what name he preferred to go by as the card says Nelson but he appears to have signed it as Nellie. Perhaps he liked Nellie because of the similarity to Nellie Fox. I am glad I picked this card up though since Briles passed away in February of 2005.

This signature is also neat for another reason. Nellie pitched alongside Bob Gibson for the St. Louis Cardinals. He snagged 14 wins in 1967 while posting a 2.44 ERA after replacing Gibby following his broken leg. Not a bad shoulder to have rubbed if you ask me.

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