Saturday, April 19, 2008

1995 Pacific - Rick Honeycutt

Number 428 in the 1995 Pacific offering is Rick Honeycutt. The card design here almost shouts second tier card company. The player name, year, and company logo all scan black but are gold foil. Maybe if they were black the design wouldn't look quite so gaudy.

Rick was one of those players that put in more than one stint with Texas. He pitched for the team in '81, '82, and part of '83. In 1982 he had an ERA of 5.27. The other two years it didn't get over 3.31. That must have been the Honeycutt the Rangers remembered in 1993 when they signed him as a free agent for the '94 season. That was not the Honeycutt they got as he had a whopping 7.20 ERA in 25 innings pitched.

Not sure if it was the red uniforms or the difference between being in his late 20's the first time and 40 the second that accounted for the decline.


--David said...

Heya! I didn't have your email address, so I'm hoping you'll se this here! I finally have my Rangers cards separated out and would love to do a trade!

Spiff said...

Sounds like a plan. Can you email me at rmatlack at juno dot come to iron out the details? Thanks.