Friday, April 11, 2008

2007 Upper Deck - C.J. Wilson

Today's card is number 983 in the 2007 Upper Deck set. C.J. Wilson got the closer's job at the tail end of Spring Training this year and so far he appears to be making good. He helped shut down the Orioles yesterday in the double-header and got two saves in the process. I believe he only threw about 17 pitches total. I am not a big believer in pitch counts but I do think that a closer shouldn't mess around getting the job done.

Overall I kind of like the 2007 Upper Deck design. The team name and position are a little hard to catch when quickly looking through a stack of cards but other than that it isn't too shabby. Most of the card front is used by the picture and the foil is there but not overdone.

As for C.J. he is looking a bit shaggy as he throws home. I don't really care for the derelict look on ballplayers and most can't pull it off successfully. I must say though that I like his threads. The vest style uniforms have always been something I liked and I was pleased when Texas introduced them. The gray looks better in my opinion than the white but I like them both.

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