Monday, April 14, 2008

1991 Classic Best - Ivan Rodriguez

Today's card is a twofer of sorts. First up on Ivan Monday we have the 1991 Classic Best number 136. In this card we see Pudge squinting into the sun as he poses for the camera and models a mesh backed cap. Something tells me that the cap would have been a helmet in a real action shot.

The second card we have is the 1991 Classic Best Gold Bonus number BC7. This card is practically a repeat of the first card except for the numbering and the gold foil on the player name. I personally prefer the first card even though the second is an insert. The gold foil makes for some hard reading of player's names. For Pudge that's no big deal but other minor leaguers are not as well known and name reading is a must in their cases.

The information on the backs of the cards is identical. It is noted that Ivan signed as a free agent with Texas on July 27, 1988. Stats from 1989 and 1990 are also present.

While not the toughest of Ivan's minor league issues to track down I like this pair. The design is nice and the fact that the parent team's logo is prominent on the back of the card is an added bonus. Too many times as a team collector I find myself looking at minor league cards and wondering just who the parent club is.

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