Monday, April 7, 2008

1991 Classic III - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan on Monday again. Today we have card number T78 in the 1991 Classic III series. This card is glossy compared to last week's card. I like the photo better but I'm not sure I care for the border color. On the back we are once again advised that Pudge had "No major league record" at the time the card was issued. We also get five more trivia questions. These are not as difficult as last week's. If anyone wants to give them a shot post your answers in the comments section and I'll let you know what the card says are correct. No fair looking the answers up.

1. (T-F) Craig Biggio plays first base.
2. Which team did George Brett hit his "pine tar" home run against?
3. I was the first Rookie of the Year Award winner. Who am I?
4. What pitcher threw back to back no-hitters in 1938?
5. What does the statistic SB stand for?

Since nobody braved last week's questions here are the answers:
1. False
2. Willie McCovey
3. 6
4. Ted Turner


Anonymous said...

1. False. Biggio started out as a catcher, also played center field and I believe he ended his career as a second baseman. If he played first, it was not on a regular basis (to the best of my memory)
2. The Yankees.
3. Jackie Robinson of the Dodgers.
4. Johnny Vander Meer of the Reds.
5. Stolen Base

Spiff said...

Correct on all five. Thanks for answering and posting a comment.

Anonymous said...

A bit easier than the questons from last week.