Thursday, April 3, 2008

2007 Topps - Texas Rangers

Today's card is a modern version of the team card that I posted previously. Number 596 in the 2007 Topps set.

As I stated before, I like team cards and was thrilled when Topps reintroduced the concept a few years back. The design of the 2007 cards is a little less thrilling. I am not down on them, just not excited either.

On the plus side is the 1971-like look. I actually liked the black borders after years of the white. The team name is in silver foil and doesn't scan well but looks ok in person. I kind of like the silver on black idea. The down side would have to be the little colored boxes on the corners. Not sure I see the point there and having them different colors doesn't help either.

As for the picture. Not bad. Obviously has had the wall photo-shopped in. This is a historic team. This is the team that broke the tradition of firing Buck Showalter and winning the World Series the next season. Not a proud accomplishment but hey, you got to take what you can get.


--David said...

They have a lot of green on the sides.. You would think they would have 'zoomed in' on the team there... Weird..

Spiff said...

Yes, I am not sure I like the picture either for that reason.

Spiff said...

David -
Shoot me an email with your address and I will see if I can work up a batch of Indians for you. You can just send back whatever Rangers you think they're worth.

Anonymous said...

I remember saying last year jokingly to some buddies that this was the Rangers year to go all the way because of the Showalter trend.

I like team cards to but why do they have to keep putting those walls in front? It bugs me.