Friday, April 4, 2008

2005 Fleer Platinum - Mark Teixeira

Today's card is one I received in my trade with Steve at White Sox Cards. Number 36 in the 2005 Fleer Platinum set and the last one I needed for my team set.

I am pretty ambivalent on these cards. I like the no borders design and the way the player's picture stands out. I don't like the silver foil on the white background for the player and team name. Makes it hard to read. It actually shows up better in the scan than in life.

Tex himself I have somewhat mixed emotions over. I had gotten somewhat excited about him in the four years since he came up with Texas. I was thinking that he was the future of the franchise. Then he was gone. Traded to Atlanta. I was not big on the trade.

Since the trade though I have changed my mind. I read where Mark said that he wanted to play for a winner, that Texas was far from being there, and that he would not be resigning at the end of the 2007 season. I really dislike selfish players. That combined with the promise that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is showing convinced me that the Rangers didn't do so poorly after all.


Anonymous said...

Isn't wanting to play for a winner pretty much the exact opposite of being a selfish player?

Spiff said...

Not when you are saying that you are leaving the team that brought you up and made you a star just because they are a few years from being a winner. That is selfish when you just want to walk into a winning situation already made for you or else you will leave. It would be unselfish to want to help make the team a winner. Key difference. Wanting to play for a winner is not the problem, the context and timing of the statement is.