Friday, April 25, 2008

1992 Dairy Queen - Bobby Witt

Number 5 in the 1992 Dairy Queen set is Bobby Witt.

By the time this card was issued Bobby had been pitching for the Rangers for six years. Dairy Queen was putting out an Olympic set though and so went back to Witt's tour with the Olympic Team. The purpose of the set appears to be to tout the support given to the 1992 Olympic Team tour.

According to the card back, Bobby was the youngest member of the 1984 team and led the team with a 0.69 ERA. He had 36 strikeouts and only 9 walks. Not a bad ratio.

Because Bobby would come up with Texas, I have this card in with my Rangers minor league cards. It is not exactly a true minor league card but it shows Bobby in his pre-major league days. A nice snapshot of history.


Anonymous said...

I love those Dairy Queen cards almost as much as I love Blizzards.

Spiff said...

Hey Joey! Welcome back and thanks for the comment. I like the card as well. for a give-away it is a pretty nice card.