Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1993 UD Fun Pack - Jose Canseco

Today's card is number 155 in the 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack set.

Jose had joined the Rangers part way through the season the year before this card was issued. He moved from Oakland as part of a trade that involved Ruben Sierra, Jeff Russell, and Bobby Witt as well as some cash.

At the time I recall asking what Texas was thinking. I mean, giving up Russell and Witt? The Rangers kept Jose for two more seasons before shipping him off to Boston.

Steroid issues aside, I never cared for Canseco. My brother is a huge A's fan and loved him when he was one half of the Bash Brothers. He soured on him a bit though as Jose's legendary surliness with fans and reporters as well as his off-field hi-jinks with his wife became more well known. All in all it seemed to me at the time (and since to be honest) that Texas had only moved one problem player (Sierra) in order to acquire another.

I have read in a few places that since retirement Jose relates better to the public. That may be true but I still have that young fan bad taste in my mouth.


Wax Heaven said...

Nice post. Yeah, Jose I think is nicer today then he was in his glory day's but to me when he went to the Rangers it was pretty much a slow death to his career.

Spiff said...

Thanks for reading a posting a comment Mario. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I think you are right about the move to Texas being the beginning of the end for Jose. Strange thing is that I think the same was true for Sierra. Having said that I am not sure that the Rangers were to blame. They didn't get to the post-season but still had a pretty fearsome lineup to help him continue his production. It seems to me that his career was going to turn south, the trade was just bad timing.