Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trades and trading.

Returned to my computer today to learn that Gerald Laird is no longer a Texas Ranger. Laird, seen here on 2005 Topps card number 260, replaces another former Ranger behind the plate for the Detroit Tigers.

In exchange Texas picked up two pitching prospects. One of the guys is only 17 but the other one is showing pretty decent promise and has already performed at the AA level. Of course, prospects are always a gamble. It would be nice if These guys turn out well and can help the team a few years down the road. Even if only one clicks though the trade might well have been worth it. What are your thoughts on the trade?

In addition to the news about the Rangers' trade, they are reportedly talking to Ben Sheets. It is difficult to tell how hard they are going to go after him though. Should they try and sign him or let him go and be patient with their own young guys?

Aside from the news, the weekend also brought in several cards that I had sent off to players to be signed and a small package from the Old World. John from The Pursuit of 80's(ness) had traded with me a couple of months ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the transaction. This time he sent me a surprise package with another 30 Rangers cards. I have not yet had time to look through them and check my wantlists but the lot looks good. Now to scout around for something to return the favor with. Thanks again John!

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