Thursday, April 22, 2010


Looking at Charlie Hough's signature on this 1982 Topps card today. Charlie has always been an awesome signer and since he is one of my favorite Rangers I have several of his autographs. (Don't worry if you're reading this Mr. Hough, I have no intention of ever selling any of them.)

Anyway, that got me to thinking. I have in the mid 300's of through the mail and in person autographs from Rangers players. On each the player is pictured in a Rangers or Rangers farm team uniform. Of course that includes multiple autographs from some players like Mr. Hough and only one of other players. I wondered how many I have if each player is only counted once.

That struck me as a good idea for a contest so here's the deal. In the comments section of this post leave your guess as to how many different Rangers players' TTM and IP autographs I have (each player counting only once). One guess per person and the contest will run through next Thursday. Since the numbers are smaller than the first contest the winner will have to be within three cards either way of the actual total. If two people get the right answer the earliest guess wins. The prize will come from the GU and auto stack I have set aside to give away. OK, let's see the guesses!