Monday, April 19, 2010

Trading for Tisdale.

A while back I was looking at Emerald City Diamond Gems, a blog by dedicated Seattle Mariners collector Larry. Larry was asking people to contact him to trade him any Mariners they might have laying around. Since the Mariners were on my list of teams that I was wanting to move I contacted him. We agreed to a trade and today I got a box of Rangers from Washington state.

Larry sent me about 200 Rangers. I needed about 35 or so of them. Pretty good for a blind lot trade. One of the cards that I didn't have was this 1990 Best card of the Gastonia Rangers trainer Tom Tisdale. I have never heard of Tom Tisdale before today but I didn't have the card so I'm glad to get it.

Thanks for the smooth trade Larry. If anyone hasn't had a chance to check out Emerald City Diamond Gems you really should, it's a nice looking blog.

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