Friday, May 28, 2010

Contest - week one.

So the matchup for the contest this past week was Rangers versus Padres in Texas. The results were mixed to say the least.

In the first game the MLB Showdown Rangers smashed the hapless Padres 14-4. Kenny Rogers, pictured here on card number 53 of the 2004 MLB Showdown Pennant Run set, came away with the win. Carl Everett, Rafael Palmeiro, and Alex Rodriguez all went deep in the rout. One point if you predicted this team to win.

In game two the 2009 Rangers faced off with the 2009 Padres in a basic Strat-O-Matic game. This time the Rangers came up on the short end of a 5-1 score. Kevin Millwood took the loss as the Texas offense was lulled to sleep by the Friars' pitching. One point if you predicted this team to lose.

The MLB Showdown Rangers won the scoring contest this week 14-1. One point if you predicted them to score the most runs.

Ok, a couple of initial thoughts on Strat-O-Matic versus MLB Showdown from a guy who has just played his first full Strat game.

When it comes to price I think the games about even out. A Showdown starter is cheaper but you don't get as many full teams as you do with a starter Strat set. Nice to be able to plug and play so to speak with Strat. Going to have to give the setup nod to Strat.

As far as storage I will have to go with Showdown. The cards are the same size as regular baseball cards so I already had the cases and such when I started playing the game. Strat cards are just a slight bit smaller than a 3x5 and so are a little more difficult to store. The game came with a rubber band for each team but I am not impressed with that idea. Showdown will have to come out on top for storage.

Ok, on to this week's matchup. Using a random process I have come up with the Astros in Houston. Make sure to get your predictions in quick. Remember, if each Rangers team will win and which one will score the most runs. Night Owl has the only point so far but can be caught if you get in now.

For details on how this contest works please see this post.


deaconblues63 said...

I'll take the Rangers in both contests and I think that the Rangers will score the most runs in the Showdown game.

night owl said...

I keep forgetting to enter. Let's say the Rangers win MLB showdown and the Astros win strat-o-matic. The Astros will record most runs in strat-o-matic.