Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1973 Topps - Elliott Maddox.

In 1973 Elliott Maddox, shown here on card number 658 of the 1973 Topps set, was primarily a backup outfielder for the Rangers. He appeared in 100 games, all but eight in the outfield.

While on patrol Elliot logged 523.2 innings. He handled 166 chances in that time while committing three errors. That gave him a .982 fielding percentage, a couple of points above the league average. Interestingly, Maddox took part in two double plays during the season.

Maddox made 210 trips to the plate in 1973 and managed a .238 batting average. He walked 29 times and struck out 28 times. His on base percentage was .356. While getting on base he bumped in 17 RBI and scored 24 times himself. Elliott was not a slugger. He managed just one home run and one double all season and no triples.

Elliott had a problem going into 1974. Fellow backup outfielder Tom Grieve. Tom's numbers were much better at the plate than Elliott's. If Maddox wanted to hold on to his spot he would need to work on the offense.

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