Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Ranger Game-used.

Out of time and ideas today so I'll leave you with this random Ranger uniform bit. Hank Blalock and a piece of his jersey appear on 2008 Topps card number TR-HB. I must say that I like the blue bits better than the white or gray ones.


SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

Hey there. I recently had the Rangers in group break of Topps Chrome 2010. Got a blue refractor of Michael Young and a few other nice cards with multiples of all the base cards. I am not a Rangers fan at all and would be happy to trade them or ship them over for some cards to be named later if you are interested. I collect Tigers and Braves. Thanks!

Spiff said...

Thanks for the offer. I sure am interested. Can't see your profile though so I don't have an email address for you or a blog. Let me know if you have a wantlist or anything and perhaps we can work something out. Thanks again.