Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The off-season is here.

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I got busy and then decided to wait until after the game to post. After the game I was simply deflated and out of ideas. Guess that's what comes of breaking up the Pudge collection while watching the boys lose the World Series. Not that last night was a poor effort, they simply got out-pitched.

Ok, so the 2010 season is over and the San Francisco Giants are the World Champions. Texas reigns as the American League champs. In four days free agents will be able to talk to any team they want and the annual bidding frenzy will begin. With the season over I would like to look back once before closing the book.

This will sound strange, but I am thrilled with the results from this season for the Rangers. I would have liked to see a World Series title but never expected to see an A.L. Championship. From hoping for a competitor to praying for an ALDS win to screaming with joy at a trip to the World Series it was a great season. Thanks to all the players, coaches, and front-office personnel.

Josh Hamilton was awesome this year, even with his trip to the Disabled List. He was back to his 2008 form and maybe better. In spite of getting shut down in The Series he deserves the American League MVP.

Ron Washington didn't start the season off well with his personal problems. That past though, he took this team to previously unknown heights. Ron has handled his players and staff well. He should get a contract extension and should be a serious candidate for A.L. Manager of the Year. Awesome to think that, for the first time, in 2011 a Rangers manager will be calling the shots in the All-Star Game.

Neftali Feliz was lights out most of the year, including in the World Series. With a rookie record 40 saves he should be a contender for A.L. Rookie of the Year.

Meanwhile Michael Young, Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz, David Murphy, Ian Kinsler, C.J. Wilson, Colby Lewis, Darren O'Day, Darren Oliver, and many others rocked as well. This was a fun team to follow.

They should be fun to follow next season as well. The core players will be back. In fact, Vladimir Guerrero and Cliff Lee are the only major pistons in the engine to be free agents. Vlad should be back. He and the team have a mutual option and both have talked positively about exercising it. As for Lee, it would be great to have him back. The Evil Empire is going to come hard though and he may be lured away. If he goes he will be missed but it likely won't be a fatal injury. This team was going to clinch the A.L. West without Cliff. He was critical in the ALDS (2 wins), nice in the ALCS (1 win), and one of the guys in The Series (0 wins). Guess time till tell if he comes back and takes another shot with the Rangers.

So here we go into free agency. The off-season should be interesting. Time to start getting ready for the 2011 season.

Ok, there are my jumbled thoughts about 2010. Tomorrow I will get back to the regular posting schedule.


night owl said...

I think they have a better chance of getting back than the Giants do.

Play at the Plate said...

That was a good wrap-up. I also feel disappointed in the World Series, but really great about the season. Years of late season disappointment were washed away with each stage of the playoffs.