Saturday, November 27, 2010

Senators Saturday - Bennie Daniels, 1961.

Today we have the Senator's first ever wins leader on card number 368 of the 1961 Topps set. Bennie Daniels was 12-11 for the 1961 season. Not real good but good enough to lead the team in wins. Washington picked Daniels up from the Pirates in a December 1960 trade.

In addition to leading the team in wins in 1961, Bennie tied for the most innings pitching with 212. He also led the team in complete games (12) and strikeouts (110). His 3.44 ERA was the lowest of any season to date (excepting a seven inning stint in 1957). His 1.245 WHIP was also a personal best to that point in his career (again excepting 1957).

Bennie didn't stop at pitching though. His .197 batting average included 15 hits, two of which were home runs.

Overall Daniels had responded well to the transition to the American League. He appeared to be poised to make a new start along with the franchise.

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